4 Things That Make The Ideal Flight Training Airport

4 Things That Make The Ideal Flight Training Airport

Deciding where to train for your private or commercial pilot license is more than just choosing the right flight school. The airport where the school is located will play a role in how your training progresses, what you will learn, and how much your training will cost. There are many people who say that a small quiet uncontrolled airport is best because there are fewer delays and it’s quick to get to the practice area. Others say that a busier airport with a control tower and larger aircraft is better. Let’s explore…

How Busy Is the Airport? There is a fine balance between an airport that is slow with one or two movements a day and no control tower compared to one that is busy with many movements an hour and is controlled. Flight training at a busier airport provides you with a dynamic environment where you get exposed to a variety of scenarios including changes in the traffic pattern, multiple aircraft including sizes and speeds, and even multiple runways. This type of environment can diversify your skills but can also be intimidating for new pilots and be more expensive to train at. A busier airport means more delays waiting for take-off or landing.  

Practice Area - The closer the practice area is to the airport the less time it will take to get there. As you will discover when you start flying, fight training is billed per hour of flight time (engine start to engine stop). The more time you spend transiting to and from the practice area the more money you will spend on activities that might not directly relate to the exercise of the day. This is not to say this time is wasted because you will practice valuable skills as you fly between your home airport and the practice area.

Runway and Approaches - A runway with suitable length, width, and lighting enable a better training experience. Too short a runway and you will be limited during your take-off and landing practice. Too long a runway, and there’s a lot of time spent taxiing around the airport. Adequate lighting enables you to practice night flying at your home airport without having to go elsewhere for your night rating (part of your commercial pilot training). An airport equipped with a variety of instrument approaches allows you to practice instrument flying, also at your home airport.

Airport services and amenities - An airport that has facilities such as a restaurant, quick fueling, and other amenities that cater to general aviation all make for an excellent environment for student pilots. Also important are the airport maintenance services. Having readily available operations personnel to clear snow and maintain the airport is key to keeping the facility running smoothly at all times. 

As an aspiring student pilot, you will not always have a choice between what flight school or airport to train at. In Canada, airports can often be spread apart and there won’t always be multiple flight schools to choose from at each airport. If you have the luxury of choice then use the tips here to make the decision that is best for you as a student pilot. If you do not that’s ok, the important thing is to go after your goals, earn your pilot license and start your flight training! 

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It sounds like a difficult process to become a pilot. Truth is, it's fairly straight forward and you are guided every step of the way. Refer to the following links to learn about the process to become a pilot and the various licenses and ratings. Included in the links is our articles page which is always updated with new content that can answer more of your questions. 

No. The saying you get what you pay for is oftentimes applicable here. Do your homework, choose a program that is modern, provides many avenues of delivery, and does not simply run you through a PowerPoint presentation. The use of high-quality technology to deliver superior ground schools comes at a cost. This might be reflected in the cost of the ground school but can be well worth it.

No, we specialize in online ground school and aviation e-learning. We deliver high-quality e-learning which allows you to learn where and when you want. Many flight schools don’t run ground school courses that fit into your life but would be a great school to train with. By separating your ground school and flight training provider you can find the flexibility you need.

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